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I already love 2012

Why? Because it’s the beginning of another exciting chapter. And because for the past two days I’ve gotten a lot of sleep. (!)

Many years ago I read a book with a message that really stuck with me. The book was not a popular read or a best seller. I paid $2 for it at a flea market. Just now, I Googled it and found it selling on Amazon for 50¢ in hard cover ( I’m not even sure I remember what the book said. But what I do know is that it planted a seed of an idea in me.

That seed was the notion of creating the life I really wanted. You know, bucking the norm, not following the expected path, throwing out the “suppose to’s” the “should’s,” forgoing society’s rules, not being in the box, but instead, living the way I felt was right for me. This, of course, has included doing a few things that made my mother say “Oh Dea!” [Ok, I admit it — this is quite fun for me, as I always enjoy a little shock value — but the payoff extends beyond this]. What I’m talking about is doing things that made sense to me, whether or not they made sense to anyone else.

In other words, I live my own true story.

It’s mine, it’s true, and it has given me greater intrinsic rewards than I could ever adequately explain here.

Crafting one’s ideal life circumstance – a.k.a. scripting your story – is incredibly important and incredibly easy to do.

Ok, so I lied about the ‘incredibly easy’ part.

It’s not at all easy – at first. Then it gets REALLY easy because it’s YOU, YOUR STORY, YOU LIVING YOUR OWN TRUE STORY.

And that, my friend, is a piece of cake.

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