Case Studies and Testimonials

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To say that Dea and her coaching services had an impact on my life is an understatement. I felt like I was stuck in quicksand. Dea immediately dug in; helping me peel back the layers to what was at the heart of the matter and where specifically I was stagnating. Her fresh point of view and probing helped to identify blockages and limitations I was creating for myself. She helped me to construct a clear path and gave me tools to get on, and stay on that path. I no longer feel overwhelmed tackling problems when I use the methods she showed me for planning and problem resolution. She taught me to identify when I was engaging in the negative self-talk so as to change the behavior and turn it into a positive inner dialogue.

Dea possesses a unique blend of professional, personal and creative savvy to help people in every facet of their life. She has an easy going way about her that allows clients to put their trust in her and open up without fear of being judged, to allow her to make suggestions, ideas and tweaks in their lives to put them on a course for success!

S.T., Former district manager, telecom industry

Great Marketer. Great Communicator. Highly recommended for creative approach in maximising advantage from commercial opportunities. Strong people manager. Recognised as a leader among her professional peers.

Ilya Bonic, Business Leader, Mercer

Dea provided thoughtful, creative, and technically skilled direction to a much-needed overhaul of our messaging and image in the marketplace. She elevated everything about our marketing and public relations capabilities and helped to drag us (kicking and screaming in some cases) into an era of standards and consistent practices that created a more recognizable and relevant brand. She contributed significant value through her client-centered, out-of-the-box approach.

Dea always stood up to what she believed to be ‘right,’ to the benefit of our organization. This was put to the test more than ever during ORC’s acquisition and provided much needed leadership and ownership every step of the way.

Jodi Starkman, EVP and COO Consulting, ORC Worldwide

Dea and I were colleagues both at Aon Consulting and at ORC Worldwide. We worked closely together on major client projects, on high impact internal initiatives, on efforts to rebrand the business I led, and on the 2010 acquisition of our firm, which presented the ultimate challenge for a communicator and marketer. Dea was more than up to these challenges and always managed to handle things with a calm demeanor, a welcome directness, and an all-important and finely-tuned sense of humor!

Dea is a skilled and experienced communication consultant, marketer, business developer, project manager, and project colleague. Yes, it’s hard to find all that in one person, but Dea has the whole package! Dea is a true team player, extremely creative and focused on delivering solutions that work for her clients. While clients trusted her implicitly (and explicitly), she was also a very effective manager and highly regarded by her staff. Once again, she demonstrates what is an unusual, and highly sought after, combination of capabilities. I’d be delighted to work with Dea again and recommend her as a consultant, advisor, or employee in any setting.

Andy Rosen, Principal, Buck Consultants (former Executive Vice President, ORC Worldwide)

Dea’s work goes well beyond in terms of imagination, creativity, and format. She routinely delivers quality work, is a team player who is well respected by her staff and who stands by them as well. She provides opportunity for her people to develop and shares the credit she receives.

She is business-focused and proactive. She knows how to express her views and push for what she believes in, but she also knows to accept and proceed within the appropriate constraints. I have found her a joy to work with. Bottom line, she is the consummate professional, and I would recommend her most highly and unequivocally.

Robert J. Freedman, CEO ORC Worldwide (2001-2010)

I cannot recommend Dea highly enough. During our training, Dea was my peer coach, and I can promise you that even before becoming a certified coach, Dea’s skills, compassion, intuition and direct but gentle manner were amazing! Her previous work as a consultant, combined with her additional skills of coaching – combined with her beautiful spirit, compassionate nature and intelligence, create one dynamite coach!”

Teresa Goetz, Founder, HealthyBeing (former student, The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching)

I was going through a major career crisis – deciding between two great companies – and received immense benefit from frequent ‘prep’ and ‘check-in’ sessions with Dea throughout the entire process. I literally consulted her every step of the way, and she was there to help me make the right decisions. Her coaching skills were invaluable, and without her I would never have been able to negotiate the great role I now have.”

Senior Consultant, top-tier management consulting firm

Dea was just the shot in the arm I needed to take control of my career. I learned about creating attainable goals and taking smarter steps to achieve what I needed to get my job search moving. Dea’s personal approach and positive energy made it easier for me to make better, more realistic decisions, stop feeling overwhelmed, and finally take action.  All I can say is that her coaching works. I can’t recommend her enough!

Copy Director at Award-winning National Lifestyle Brand, and Blogger

I had the pleasure of training Dea to become a professional coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. So impressed by her skills as a coach that I have partnered with her on various coaching and consulting initiatives in the corporate sector. She is an incredibly talented coach, with outstanding coaching and communications skills, creativity and intuition. She also has a great sense of humor, and is a joy to work with.

Alan Cohen, MBA, CPC, PCC (ICF-Certified)
President, Acts of Balance Executive Coaching and Training; Author, Tough Talks for PR Pros

Dea is a tremendous resource, who integrates effectively into a company’s culture to generate solutions that are well thought out and well received. She builds strong, long term relationships and can be relied on whenever she is engaged.

Stephen McGivney, Principal at PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP (former Executive Vice President, Northeast Region Director, Aon Consulting, Inc)

I was fortunate enough to work with Dea at Aon Consulting. She’s a true communications expert and strategic thinker. I was able to see first hand how she listened to clients’ needs, helped them draw out key messages, target them to the right audiences, and use interesting and innovative media to keep things fresh and exciting. The subject didn’t matter – Dea could market anything and get you to take action! Dea was also an incredible mentor. She always had time for junior consultants like me. She explained her rationale, listened to our ideas and gave us chances to shine. And, she continues to be an inspiration and guide for me as I’ve continued my consulting career…12 years after first meeting her.

Dana Hurley, Associate, Towers Watson

Dea is an insightful leader who exercises excellent judgment, wisdom, and a positive influence. She is encouraging to others, but will also demonstrate great moral courage and the finesse needed to deliver difficult messages when required. She maintains a delightful and effective calm as well as a good sense of humor in times of challenge and stress. She has the ability to identify critical issues that need to be addressed (or opportunities being missed) and then communicate their essence with compelling clarity. Individuals with her unique blend of skills do not come along often.

Tobi D’Andrea, Executive Vice President, ORC Worldwide

As a senior leader managing through an acquisition with a large client base and a critical employee consulting team, I could not have had better communication support than Dea and her team to meet the daily challenges.  Client facing and employee communication materials were crisp, clear and focused on the messaging.  Words can not express how reassuring it was to open an ever changing file or box brochures with detailed, articulate, and almost moment by moment plans to support my transitioning business.

Edward Hannibal, Partner, Mercer (formerly SVP ORC Worldwide)

I had the pleasure of working with Dea as a member of the Marketing & Communications team at ORC Worldwide (now Mercer). Dea provided valuable strategic guidance at all levels of the organization and raised the marketing and branding visibility of ORC’s products and services to a whole new level. She also provided white-glove service to ORC’s clients and colleagues and fostered success for everyone who worked with her. She is able to orchestrate multi-faceted marketing and communication campaigns. I highly recommend Dea!

Suzy Johnson, President and Owner at Novel Communications LLC (former Director, Communication & Marketing, ORC Worldwide)

What started out as a redo-my-resume project ended up being a real crafting of my work history, both on the resume itself and in my ability to tell my story. Dea really helped me remember some of my great projects and why they apply to what I’m striving for in my career, and also to steer clear of irrelevant work that would dilute my overall message. She was a joy to work with!

Deirdre McMennamin, Brand/Path to Purchase Strategy Expert