Script Your Story

Script Your Story helps people and organizations craft and tell their story.

Every person, every business, every company has a story.

How that story is told is what makes a difference.

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Script Your Story’s services blend executive coaching technique with proven communication expertise – a truly perfect combination.

When you communicate about yourself or your business from an authentic, mindful context, your audience feels it. They tune in, listen up, and believe you. When your message is fundamentally rooted in the core values of your business or your personal beliefs, you are able to deeply connect with your audience. Even more importantly, you can then live your own true story.

As a professional coach and communication consultant, I help clients – large and small – dig deep and get to the root of their message, and then craft or refine the way that message is delivered. With a solid foundation, communication is more effective because the message firmly resonates with them *and* their audience.

Individual clients often want to make a professional shift – from working for others to running their own business, moving into a new field or to different type of organization, or to a higher level within their organization.

I assist corporate clients with a wide variety of internal and organizational communications – communication strategy development, organizational change, benefit communications, performance or compensation program messaging, and business-to-business communications. I also offer group and executive coaching, workshops and meeting facilitation. It’s a broad range of services, all built from the foundation of  educating and implementing the most effective communication methods.

Regardless of the assignment, the process is the same. Learn more here.